Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Cosmic Gobsmack: Me and Mr. C

My gut started bothering me a week or so before the last GenCon.

I had a previously set appointment for Aug. 21st and told my Family Dr., who recommended a CT Scan two days hence.

It detected a mass.

I was scheduled for a colonoscopy 5 days later, the 28. The day I found out I had colon cancer, even though I was not scheduled for another test for a year. It was guesstimated to be small and require that no more than 7 or 8 inches of my colon.

On Sept 28th they removed half of my colon and a tumor my surgeon characterized as "...big as (his) fist".

Two days ago, Nov. 14th, I had the first of twelve chemical infusions to be administered every two weeks over the next six months. I have already experienced brief flashes of some of the platinum's side effects; I understand they only get more intense and of longer duration. Last night I stuck two fingers into a jar of cold pickles and thought I was grabbing a Taser on low power. Drinking cold water feels like drinking slushees.

I want to write about what all of this has been like. I will.

I want to keep writing about games and gaming. I will.

I have several projects mentally assembled but yet to be born, but born they will be.

I have two collaborations/assignments that need to be done. They will be.

I cannot promise how often I will be able to post here over the next 6 months; I'm told to expect flashes of "chemo-brain". But I will, when I can.

When asked at GameHole Con two weeks ago what was driving me, I said that the two fuels I intended to rely upon are Ornery and Acerbic.

To the countless people that have sent me prayers, good vibes, sincere wishes of many sorts, many of them from folks I have never met: You overwhelm me with your love and support; that is what will get me through the bad days ahead.


  1. Mr. Kask, I am very sorry to hear this news. From my heart I offer you and your family my deepest well wishes and prayers for your situation. It is evident you are a strong man and I wish you the best possible outcome. Peace and strength to you. JB

  2. Mr. Kask,
    Best wishes for your treatment and recovery. I'm hoping that Ornery and Acerbic mindsets will serve you well in the days to come.

  3. Chemo screwed with my short term memory for the months that I had it. Long term, it screwed with my focus but amplified my creativity. Probably made me the blogger I am.

    You'll pull through this just fine. Don't worry, I have a direct line to God. I was ordained online multiple times (while going through chemo none the less ;)

  4. Dear Tim: Keep strong, if Ornery counts you're gonna do just fine!

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  6. > I said that the two fuels I intended to rely upon are Ornery and Acerbic.<

    Legendary :)

    Here's to the success of your planned projects. You know that you have support out there and if you need it, we will help.